The Secretariat welcomed the Council and took roll.

The Co-Chair announced several general business items: the May Monthly Progress Report was submitted to the Department of Commerce, Neustar’s announcement to split into two different companies, and scheduling for the Town Hall. Chris Hemmerlein and Kim Miller agreed to publicly post the Monthly Report online. Becky Burr explained Neustar’s decision to split into two separate publicly traded companies. The goal of the separation is to create two companies with sharper strategic and managerial focus. One company will consist of the majority of our Information Services, and will provide Marketing, Security and related Data Services. This Information Services company will be led by Neustar’s current President and CEO Lisa Hook. The other company will focus on Order Management & Numbering Services and will be led by Neustar’s Senior Vice President and CFO Paul Lalljie. This process is likely to take approximately 12 months. All of Neustar’s registry business, including employees who currently work on the .US TLD, will be managed by the Information Services entity. Finally, the Council agreed that the best way to decide on a Town Hall date is by taking a poll via survey.

The Secretariat then introduced the policy issues: Privacy/Proxy and Premium Domain Names. The Privacy/Proxy Subcommittee is waiting to receive literature from the Department of Justice outlining law enforcement’s concerns for allowing privacy and proxy services within the usTLD. The next steps for the subcommittee are dependent on what that literature coveys and when that information is received. As of the Council call, the next Subcommittee meeting will be held on July 13th, with DOJ having distributed this literature giving this Subcommittee adequate time to review and intelligently discuss.

Next, Crystal Peterson introduced the Premium Domain Names policy issue. The Registry Policy team is in the process of putting together a proposal for releasing one and two character domains, which have previously been reserved for states. At this same time, the team is considering how to manage domain names that would be considered premium, but may already be released to registrants. Ms. Peterson concluded by stating that the goal is to present that proposal at the July Council meeting.

The Co-Chair reviewed the action items and reminded the Council that the next call is scheduled for July 27th at 3pm.

The Council concluded the call.

Action Items

  • Anitha Ibrahim to distribute literature outlining the Department of Justice’s concerns for allowing privacy and proxy services in .US.
  • Privacy/Proxy Subcommittee to review Department of Justice literature and schedule its next meeting.
  • Premium Domain Names Policy Team to create a proposal for Council review.
  • Council to decide on a Town Hall date via doodle poll.


  • Michele Neylon
  • Shane Tews
  • Karen Rose
  • Phil Corwin
  • Brian Britt
  • Anitha Ibrahim
  • Stacy Cheney
  • Chris Hemmerlein
  • Laura Kate Bernstein

Neustar Participants:

  • Becky Burr
  • Crystal Peterson
  • Kim Miller
  • Cory Lancaster
  • Judy Song-Marshall