Council Chair Shane Tews opened the meeting by greeting the Council members and requesting roll call.

Ms. Tews requested the Council to approve the June Minutes. The minutes were approved. Next, she confirmed SOIs were submitted for two more Council Members. She also requested any outstanding SOI’s be submitted to the Secretariat.

Council Member Dustin Phillips summarized his one month road trip across the United States from Washington State to Washington DC as a .US Brand Ambassador. There was a combination of restaurants, cafes, barber shops, charities, and many other businesses. .US was represented off grid where internet was not readily available as well as heavily populated areas across the country. Social media and guerrilla marketing tactics were utilized. Blog posts were written and highlighted the businesses visited throughout the journey and another blog post is slated to be written around the public resource .US sites.

Ms. Tews mentioned that will move to IGFUSA.US as of July 2018.

Crystal Peterson, Director Registry Services summarized the Q1 marketing updates. ‘This is US campaign’ relaunched February 2-28, 2018. Pinterest produced a very high level of engagement. An Evergreen campaign was also launched during this time to targeted audience groups for general awareness and branding of .US.

Becky Burr, Neustar Chief Privacy Officer and ICANN Board Member presented on GDPR as it relates to .US. .US is collecting and publishing full WHOIS documentation. Neustar worked with our registrars on a .US Data Protection Agreement. Neustar was willing to make an extremely clear statement, with respect to public WHOIS. With respect to Neustar and the registrar (for .US), Neustar will full responsibility as the data controller.

Ms. Peterson, introduced the .US Locality Tool Sub-Committee. This sub-committee was created to help advance the continued modernization of the Locality Tools already in place. Bryan Britt is the Delegated Manager representative from the Council. Next Update will be the September 20, 2018 Council meeting. Defined Objectives and Comments/Feedback on the Tool Specification will be presented.

The Chair presented concluding remarks and noted that the next meeting will be held September 20, 2018 at 11:00 AM ET.

Action Items – Neustar to send out the meeting invitation for the upcoming September 20 meeting and minutes from the June 14 meeting.

Attendees- based on meeting invite response. Recording was delayed by 2 minutes and official roll call is not available.

  • Shane Tews
  • Laureen Kapin
  • Dustin Phillips
  • Tom Barrett
  • Bartlett Cleland
  • Susan Chalmers
  • Doug Robinson

Neustar Participants

  • Becky Burr
  • Crystal Peterson
  • Judy Song Marshall