Shane Tews, the Council Chair, opened the call with the general business items of approving the April 20, 2017 meeting minutes. The Council voted in favor of adopting the minutes.

At the request of a Council member, Kimberly Miller, the Council Secretariat, reviewed the membership terms as outlined in the Council Charter. The Charter states that members shall have staggered 2 and 3 year terms. Neustar will send a survey to the Council members regarding their membership term lengths and also requesting suggestions for new Stakeholder Council members.

Crystal Peterson, Neustar’s Director of Registry Services, recapped Neustar’s .us marketing initiatives for 2017. Neustar began 2017 with the “This is .Us” marketing campaign. The campaign included a focus on weddings around Valentine’s Day. During the summer months “Dream with .US” focused on families connecting, vacations and the memories and pictures that families want to share. Later in the year, the focus will turn to back to school and will use partnerships with educational programs to encourage kids to take a .us domain back to school. The .us marketing for the latter part of the year will have a veteran-entrepreneurial focus. Finally, “Thankful for .US” will have a holiday focus. Throughout the year, Neustar will use social media activation and publish a monthly blog series. The goal is to grow the social channels as well as making people aware of .us at a time when they may be focused on selecting a domain name. In response to discussion during the previous Council meeting, Crystal also outlined the various marketing vehicles .us has used in the past and the pros and cons of those vehicles. Before opening the floor to questions, Crystal posed three questions to help Council members to aid in focusing the discussion: 1) Do you have ideas to boost awareness of .us in relation to the marketing campaigns that were reviewed in the presentation; 2) Do you have access to companies, entities or partnerships that you can introduce to the .us marketing team; and 3) do you have any broad range goals or suggestions related to current or future marketing plans?

Council members engaged in a brief discussion and ask about Instagram and other social media outlets. Neustar uses Twitter, Pinterest and others methods to raise awareness with photos. It was agreed that if members see .us advertising, the will send pictures of them to the Neustar team and Neustar can use them in case studies and other efforts.

At the request of Council members, Crystal also provided statistics related to .us. As of March 2017 there are 2.3 million domains under management which is a 48% increase from March 2016. Renewal rates also saw an increase.

Ms. Tews reviewed the action items and the Council adjourned.

Action Items

  • Neustar to circulate a survey to the Council members regarding membership and marketing ideas.


  • Shane Tews
  • Phil Corwin
  • Michele Neylon
  • James Bladel
  • Alex Deacon

Neustar Participants:

  • Kimberly Miller
  • Becky Burr
  • Crystal Peterson
  • Judy Song-Marshall
  • Kristin Johnson