The Secretariat took a roll call and requested that councilors that had not yet completed their statements of interest do so as soon as possible.

Stephanie Duchesneau described the status of the Council Work Plan and Operating Procedures, which are open for public comment between December 15 and January 14. To date no comments have been received on either document. The group discussed ways to publicize the comment period to further encourage parties with interest in the usTLD to comment on the policies. Becky Burr suggested publishing a blog in Circle ID authored jointly by Scott Blake Harris and Shane Tews describing the onset of multi-stakeholderism within .US and ways that others could become involved. Ms. Duchesneau suggested that the blog could also serve as an initial save-the-date for the forthcoming usTLD Public Stakeholder Town Hall. Mr. Barrett asked about how the comment periods were being managed. Ms. Duchesneau responded that while management tools were being developed, comments were being provided to a Neustar inbox that she managed, and would be published and circulated to the council upon receipt.

Tom Barrett raised the question of how public participation, as provided for in the Operating Procedures, would be managed to provide for transparency and openness without disrupting council business. Linda Kinney suggested that public participation should require that such participants provide their name and affiliation. Doug Robinson agreed to this premise stating that town halls and advisory council meetings that he had managed in the past had all required that participants disclose their affiliations and identities, with many requiring formal registration as an observer. Scott Harris suggested that some structure could be provided, such as setting aside time at the end of the call for participant input or questions. Bryan Britt supported this suggestion, adding that an opportunity for public input could be provided at the end of each agenda topic. Karen Rose also suggested that if participation on monthly calls was broadened, the calls would benefit from public participation tools used elsewhere in the industry, such as Adobe Connect, to provide greater structure to the calls and additional functionalities such as chat. There was general support for active public participation but with some guidelines and structure to avoid the potential for disruption, as well as for the introduction of additional participation tools. Mr. Harris said that he would work with the Secretariat to implement these guidelines for public participation.

Mr. Barrett asked about the delineation between the upcoming usTLD Public Stakeholder Town Hall and the regular meetings, if both were to be opened for public participation. Ms. Duchesneau suggested that the distinction was not to discourage participation in other meetings, but rather to provide a chance for stakeholders that could not commit to a monthly meeting the chance to raise input about .US, as well as to provide background information about the usTLD and its policies that could not necessarily be given in each regular meeting. Mr. Harris added that having a separate Town Hall was also a promotional tool to get the word out about the Council through more channels than was possible for each call. Ms. Kinney agreed, adding that promoting each meeting as a Town Hall could actually dissuade participation from stakeholders that were not able to commit to more regular participation.

Ms. Duchesneau provided an overview of the Draft Quarterly Report that was circulated to Councilors the week prior summarizing the two meetings held to date, the current discussion topics, and the open comment periods and welcomed Council input into the report. Mr. Harris said that he reviewed the report and supported its contents.

Ms. Burr added that Councilors were highly encouraged to also circulate information about the Council and its activities through each of their networks and channels. Karen Rose said that she was looking into how the Internet Society could circulate information about the Council through the ISOC Chapter Network. Several councilors suggested that a baseline blog post or narrative about the council would be a beneficial starting point. Mr. Harris agreed adding that he and the secretariat would coordinate to have a baseline draft circulated in the next few days. Doug Robinson added that he would be presenting on .US and the Stakeholder Council at a NASCIO meeting in mid-January, and would plan to get further information out to his network in tandem with that meeting. Mr. Robinson added that the Council could also reach out to the community for suggestions on best practices or use awards as a means of encouraging participation. Chris Mead also suggested that a briefing including background about .US, FAQs, and overviews of key policies would be useful in getting stakeholders up to speed; Mr. Harris endorsed this suggestion.

The Council discussed scheduling and for the usTLD Public Stakeholder Town Hall. April 22 was suggested as the best possible date, to allow time for scheduling and planning, while avoiding holidays and local vacation periods. Ms. Burr and Ms. Duchesneau stated that they would confirm whether the Department of Commerce was amenable to the date, as it was past the April 12 deadline provided in the .US deliverables schedule. Mr. Harris suggested that the call should be held midday to facilitate participation by parties on either coast. Ms. Burr suggested that the upcoming ICANN Public Meeting in Singapore in February would provide a good opportunity to get the word out about the Town Hall. Mr. Harris asked about what networks Neustar might be able to leverage and, given that .US is owned by the United States Government and managed by Neustar under contract, whether the Department of Commerce had tools at its disposal, such as the Federal Register, that could be used to promote the Council and its activities. Beth Bacon said that she would have to research internally to see whether the Federal Register could be used for these purposes, but that information about the usTLD and the Stakeholder Council could and previously had been published on the NTIA website and twitter feed. Mr. Harris affirmed that these tools should be used and requested that Ms. Bacon check whether the activities could be published in the Federal Register as well.

Mr. Harris suggested that the formulation of an agenda for the usTLD Public Stakeholder town hall be moved to the next meeting and that, in the meantime, the secretariat would circulate an email asking each councilor to suggest topics that could be placed on the agenda for a public meeting.

Discussion moved to the Report of the usTLD Education Advisory Committee. Mr. Harris stated that he had reviewed the report and thought the primary recommendation, to maintain the current suspension, was well-substantiated. Bryan Britt supported this position adding that unless serious changes could be made to the space, which would likely require a revisiting its overall framework, the suspension should be maintained. Mr. Harris polled the Council and all voiced their support for maintaining the suspension.

Mr. Harris brought up an email that was circulated to registrar representatives on the council the week prior soliciting input on .US. James Bladel responded that he was still preparing internal feedback, and would be able to provide an update on the following call. Elisa Cooper said that she had conducted some internal outreach, and while there were intermittent issues, the experience working with .US was generally positive and all problems were smoothly resolved. Ms. Burr welcomed feedback from the range of .US registrars going forward, by raising any issues as they arose.

Ms. Burr and Ms. Duchesneau provided a quick update about one-on-one calls and a policy survey that would be coordinated in the coming weeks to help set the agenda for future Council work.

Mr. Harris asked whether there was any other business and the call was concluded.

Action Items

  • Secretariat to work with Scott Blake Harris to draft a blog in Circle ID
  • Secretariat to coordinate one-on-one calls with members Councilors
  • Secretariat to circulate Policy Survey to members of the Stakeholder Council
  • Secretariat to coordinate with Department of Commerce to finalize the date for the usTLD Public Stakeholder Town Hall
  • Secretariat to identify tools to facilitate participation in the Stakeholder Council (e.g. Adobe Connect, Confluence)
  • Council to finalize Quarterly Report to the Department of Commerce no later than January 31
  • Secretariat to draft briefing and promotional materials for circulation at ICANN Singapore Meeting
  • Additional registrars to provide update about input into .US Policies and Operations at next meeting



  • Karen Rose, Internet Society
  • Bryan Britt, Beltane Web Services
  • Chris Mead, American Chamber of Commerce Executives
  • Tom Barrett, Encirca
  • Elisa Cooper, MarkMonitor
  • Doug Robinson, National Association of State Chief Information Officers
  • Chris Mead, ACCE
  • Phil Corwin, Virtulaw LLC
  • Linda Kinney, Motion Pictures Association of America
  • James Bladel, GoDaddy

Neustar Participants:

  • Becky Burr
  • Jeffrey Neuman
  • Stephanie Duchesneau
  • Terri Claffey

Department of Commerce Participants

  • Elizabeth Bacon