Council Chair Shane Tews opened by asking the Council to approve the October Minutes for the record. The Council approved.

Neustar's Crystal Peterson summarized the Town Hall.

Next, Kim Miller, Council Secretariat, asked for nominations of Chair and Vice Chair of the Council for 2018 and noted that Shane Tews and Karen Rose both expressed their willingness to continue in their respective roles. No new nominations were suggested. The Council voted in favor of Ms. Tews continuing as Chair and Ms. Rose continuing as Vice Chair.

Ms. Miller described the 2018 Work Plan. Several changes were discussed. Regarding administration, the Secretariat moved that the Council meet once a quarter with intermediate meetings or subcommittee meetings as needed. The Council will conduct its regularly scheduled meetings on Thursdays at 11:00 a.m., the new time of day suggested by the Council for the convenience of those members in different time zones. The dates proposed were March 22, June 14, September 20, and December 13 as regular meeting dates and October 18 for the Annual Town Hall. In regards to Council initiatives, the Work Plan proposes that the first half of the year be dedicated to concluding open policy issues, GDPR and internationalized domain names.

The Council adopted the 2018 Work Plan as final.

Becky Burr, Neustar Chief Privacy Officer and ICANN Board Member presented on GDPR as it relates to .US.

The Chair presented concluding remarks and the Council dismissed until the New Year.

Action Items - Neustar to post 2018 Work Plan and send out meeting invitations.


  • Shane Tews
  • Brian Britt
  • Alex Deacon
  • Stacy Cheney
  • Sam Sokol
  • Laureen Kapin
  • Doug Robinson
  • Vernita Harris

Neustar Participants

  • Becky Burr
  • Crystal Peterson
  • Kim Miller
  • Judy Song Marshall