Shane Tews, the Council Chair, opened the call with the general business items of approving the June 1, 2017 meeting minutes. It was noted that attendance to this meeting was light due to August vacations and travel.

Becky Burr, Neustar, discussed membership of .US Stakeholder Council. She stated that Neustar has polled current members regarding continued membership. Neustar also has asked for suggestions for additional members as well as reaching out to the Federal Trade Commission and other potential members suggested by Council members. Each member will be assigned staggered terms pursuant to the Council policy.

Crystal Peterson, Neustar, presented the marketing and awareness efforts Neustar is doing to promote the .US Stakeholder Town Hall. Neustar was a sponsor of IGF-USA on July 24, 2017. .US TLD was the coffee break sponsor with branded mints, coffee cups and flags and banners. Palm cards with details of the upcoming Town Hall were distributed to attendees. The palm card pointed the attendees to the at which interested persons could register for the Town Hall. Upon registration, Neustar will send out periodic information, calendar place holders and reminders to registrants. Crystal asked Council members what Neustar could do to help Council members to get the word out to their constituents.

Council members engaged in a brief discussion and asked Crystal to distribute a draft email for Council members to send to interested persons. Becky asked members to let Neustar know if they have suggestions for topics for the Town Hall.

Ms. Tews reviewed the action items and the Council adjourned.

Action Items

  • Neustar to circulate a draft email for Council Members to invite constituents to the .US Stakeholder Town Hall.
  • Council members to provide suggestions


  • Shane Tews
  • Phil Corwin
  • Brian Britt

Neustar Participants:

  • Becky Burr
  • Crystal Peterson
  • Judy Song-Marshall
  • Kristin Johnson