As part of the general business items, Scott Blake Harris, the Council Chair, led a vote for the adoption of the first and second quarter reports. The Council unanimously agreed to submit both reports. Mr. Harris also announced that the July Monthly Progress Report was submitted to the Department of Commerce.

Crystal Peterson introduced the Premium Domain Name (PDN) Proposal and gave a presentation detailing Neustar’s plan to launch and develop this plan. The PDN Plan would make certain high-value, highly visible, premium .US domain names, some of which are currently designated as “reserved” (including one and two character .US domain names) – and others that would be newly designated as such, available to the public at a premium price. The primary goal of the proposed PDN Plan is to increase the use and awareness of the .US brand in the consumer marketplace. It also would provide the opportunity for Neustar to allocate.US Premium Names on a non-cash or discounted basis to support organizations or activities that will help spread awareness and encourage growth of the .US domain. Releasing these .US Premium Domains with premium pricing can have an important impact on the success of the .US name space while at the same time creating exciting new branding opportunities for business and organizations in the US private sector.

Ms. Peterson’s presentation lasted the duration of the call.

The Council concluded by deciding to schedule additional meetings to further discuss the PDN Plan as well as the additional policy issues on the agenda; IDN Proposal, Privacy and Proxy Update, and the upcoming Town Hall.

Following the conclusion of the meeting, Council Members Michele Neylon raised questions about the PDN plan and both he and James Bladel expressed concern that other issues, such as privacy and proxy and the town hall should take precedent.

Action Items

  • The Secretariat to schedule a meeting for the Privacy and Proxy Subcommittee before September’s monthly call.
  • The Secretariat to schedule an additional General Council meeting before September’s monthly call.


  • Scott Blake Harris
  • Phil Corwin
  • Chris Hemmerlein
  • James Bladel
  • Thomas Barret
  • Karen Rose
  • Shane Tews
  • Alex Deacon

Neustar Participants:

  • Becky Burr
  • Crystal Peterson
  • Lori-Ann Wardi
  • Cory Lancaster
  • Judy Song-Marshall