Shane Tews, the Council Chair, opened the call with the general business items of approving the January meeting minutes and the Quarter One Marketing Plan Review. The Council voted in favor of adopting the minutes and Crystal Peterson, Neustar’s Director of Registry Services, presented a comprehensive twelve month marketing strategy.

Several councilmembers posed ideas for new marketing initiatives, while others expressed interest in contributing to the promotion of some of the existing .US campaigns. Kim Miller, the Secretariat, suggested holding a marketing workshop where in addition to the standard marketing update, there would be a presentation of registration statistics and a working session to flesh out the council members’ suggestions. The Council approved this as an agenda item for the next call.

Next, the Secretariat announced that the Privacy Service and Premium Names Plans are almost ready to be submitted to the Department of Commerce. This prompted a discussion about the usTLD Stakeholder Charter. Given that the policy work is transitioning to new issues, it was suggested that it could be beneficial to bring in new members. The Secretariat agreed to present the formal process on the next call and poll council members for their feedback and suggestions.

Ms. Tews reviewed the action items and the Council adjourned.

Action Items

  • Crystal Peterson to update the .US website and provide the Council with quarterly registration statistics.
  • Crystal Peterson to provide the Council with quarterly promotional marketing materials to be circulated throughout the Council’s various networks.
  • Kim Miller to present the usTLD Stakeholder Council Charter.


  • Shane Tews
  • Karen Rose
  • Brian Britt
  • Alex Deacon
  • Stacey Cheney
  • Grace Abuhamad

Neustar Participants:

  • Kim Miller
  • Cory Lancaster
  • Crystal Peterson
  • Judy Song-Marshall