Stephanie Duchesneau took a roll call.

Ms. Duchesneau took a roll call and noted regrets from James Bladel, Michele Neylon, and Peter Roman.

Ms. Duchesneau reviewed the following general business items. First, Ms. Duchesneau noted the upcoming deadline for submission of the usTLD Stakeholder Council Annual Report, noting that edits had been circulated since the last call to reflect the most recent discussion around next steps. No one had input to provide through the call. Ms. Duchesneau noted that if members of the Council identified additions, edits, or other feedback, that it could be provided on-list by June 1, 2015, close of business.

Ms. Duchesneau noted that per feedback on the last council call a Public Listserv had been created. She asked whether members of the Council were interested in being added to this list, noting that she would continue to relay updates between the two listservs as was necessary. Bryan Britt requested to be added to the list, adding that it would be useful if the secretariat continued to also synthesize feedback and provide updates across the two listservs. Ms. Duchesneau agreed. Karen Rose asked whether the list would also be archived. Ms. Duchesneau noted that it was managed through GoogleGroups which retains an accessible archive, and noted that she would circulate this to the Council.

Mr. Harris opened up a discussion about the comment period, which opened on May 14 and will continue through June 13. Mr. Harris asked Ms. Duchesneau to provide an update about the status of the comments. Ms. Duchesneau noted that no comments had been received and that the comment period had been posted on Neustar .US blogs and accounts featured in a Bloomberg BNA update, and posted to original participants of the Education Advisory Committee. Mr. Harris asked whether the NTIA would be able to publicize the comment period to draw in more attention; Beth Bacon noted that she would take this request to the NTIA press team. Ms. Duchesneau also noted that she would provide baseline text for anyone that wanted to circulate information about the comment period. Shane Tews asked about what term was referenced in the Public Comment language, following the discussion from the last call. Ms. Duchesneau noted that the Public Comment Period referred to suspending the namespace for the existing .US contract term, including any agreed option periods. Ms. Burr added that this stemmed from some interpretations that this process could have to be carried out again for each .US contract tender.

Mr. Harris asked about the status of the Delegated Manager Presentation discussed last week. Ms. Duchesneau noted that the plan was to carry it out at the next meeting and that she and Mr. Britt had been in communication about the presentation structure. Mr. Britt asked the Council if there were particular topics to be covered, noting that he wanted to begin with an overview of the history and structure of the locality namespace and take the presentation through to a discussion of current issues facing Delegated Managers. Mr. Britt added that questions or recommendations for the presentation could be provided to him via email.

Discussion turned to next steps coming out of the town hall, particularly how to move forward with input and recommendations received related to the Nexus Policy and Privacy and Proxy Restriction. Mr. Britt noted that these two issues should be handled as distinct issues and not conflated in correspondence. Phil Corwin noted an area of overlap insofar as relaxation of the Privacy and Proxy could affect current enforcement of the Nexus Policy. Ms. Duchesneau agreed that these two issues were distinct, but in some ways intertwining, and that contingencies such as the ones described by Mr. Corwin would have to be assessed and resolved in a finalized recommendation.

The group generally supported the idea of further surveying registrars for .US in attempt to determine the actual impacts of these restrictions. Mr. Barrett noted concerns that some registrars would overstate the impact of these policies on actual registration volumes, given a preference for not wanting to implement registration procedures that deviated from the norm; he added that part of the value of .US was in its differences from completely open TLDs, and that in his view to fulfill this restrictions should be more tightly implemented, not relaxed. Mr. Britt suggested that an RFP could be put out wherein registrars made suggestions for alternatives to how these requirements could be implemented and contingencies managed. Ms. Burr suggested that she and Ms. Duchesneau develop an initial matrix for what questions and metrics could be asked of the .US registrar network. Mr. Harris asked that this be done with adequate time to review in advance of the next call and it was agreed. Mr. Harris also suggested that a white paper be prepared to capture key background, input received, potential issues and fixes, and an assessment of contingencies.

The Council wrapped up its call.

Action Items

  • Councilors to provide additional input on Draft Report by June 1
  • Beth Bacon to look into NTIA publicizing the comment period on its social media presences
  • Stephanie Duchesneau to add Bryan Britt to Public List
  • Stephanie Duchesneau to circulate a list to the Public List archive
  • Stephanie Duchesneau to relay information from the Public List to the Council on an ongoing basis
  • Stephanie Duchesneau and Becky Burr to prepare a list of metrics and questions related to Nexus and, separately, Privacy and Proxy for circulation to .US Registrars



  • Karen Rose
  • Phil Corwin
  • Bryan Britt
  • Shane Tews
  • Scott Harris
  • Doug Robinson
  • Tom Barrett
  • Elisa Cooper

Neustar Participants:

  • Becky Burr
  • Stephanie Duchesneau

Department of Commerce Participants

  • Elizabeth Bacon