1. Wrapping up 2017
    • Summary of Town Hall by Crystal Peterson, Neustar
    • Other items
  2. Looking ahead to 2018:
    • Election for Chair and Vice Chair. 
    • Welcome new members 
    • Recommendation: Move meeting dates of full council to once per quarter
      • Propose March 22, June 14, Sept 20 and Dec 13 as regular meeting dates and Oct 18 for the Town Hall.
      • Change meeting time from 3 p.m. Eastern to 11 a.m. Eastern to better accommodate multiple time zones
      • Executive Committee (Chair, Vice Chair, Secretariat, and others as needed) will meet more often, as needed for planning purposes
      • Subcommittees can be formed as necessary and meet outside of regularly scheduled Council meetings.
    • Policy Issues for the coming year: IDN and GDPR
      • Presentation: GDPR as it relates to .US – Becky Burr
    • Council discussion