The usTLD Stakeholder Council received one public comment on the proposed suspension of the third-level namespace. The single comment was from James Gannon of Cyber Invasion Limited.

In summary, the comment by Mr. Gannon made three major points. First, the comment supported the continued suspension of Second, it recommended an annual review by the Council to determine whether continued suspension is warranted. Third, it recommended that the council consider leveraging .US to advance cyber security awareness in K-12 education.

At its most recent meeting, the usTLD Stakeholder Council reviewed and discussed Mr. Gannon’s comment. We believe that the comment supports the Council’s recommendation to continue the suspension. The Council, however, does not believe that a regular annual review to reconsider the suspension is warranted, but rather that a review should be undertaken if there is a significant change in the circumstances surrounding the .US TLD. In response to the comment, the Council has asked to be notified by the Secretariat each year of the submission of the Annual Report to Congress, at which point the Council will determine whether a review of the suspension is warranted. We note that Council recommendations may be modified in accordance with the procedures set forth in the usTLD Stakeholder Council Charter if such a determination is made.

Lastly, the Council supports and appreciates the suggestions made regarding cyber security awareness. This topic will be taken under advisement in the Council’s future work to promote positive and educational experiences for children in the .US TLD.

Comments Received

Submission of Cyberinvasion Ltd – Suspension of Kids.Us


Cyberinvasion would like to extend our support for the continued suspension of the namespace as proposed by Neustar. Given the complex political process that would be required in order to effect a meaningful change to the namespace we feel that in the absence of political support for modifying the existing framework the domain should be functionally retired.


We would suggest that the suspension be reviewed on an annual basis by the Stakeholder Council to ensure that the continued suspension is warranted and that no political avenues have been established that may open the way for the namespace to be repurposed for an alternative use case.


We commend Neustar for its dedication to the goals and aspirations of the concept. Given our own background we would proffer the following suggestion;


Develop in partnership with the security community a targeted cyber security awareness campaign for those in K-12 education. Much work has been done over the last two years in this area, reflecting an increased need to educate our younger generations on the concepts of risk and security online. We would however note that in our opinion there has been no centralized aggregation of these programs and information.

We believe that this may present Neustar an opportunity to be a true leader in this area. By acting as an aggregation point and bringing together what to date has been a distributed set of programs into a cohesive single point of knowledge Neustar can help safeguard the online presence and identities of young adults in America. Leaders in this area such as Parisa Tabriz (Security Princess at Google) have been promoting security education at a younger age and we would encourage Neustar to reach out to all major social networks to create this resource.

On behalf of Cyberinvasion Ltd, Dublin, Ireland.