On August 16, 2014 Neustar closed the response period for the Further Notice of Inquiry (FNOI) for the usTLD Stakeholder Council. The Further Notice of Inquiry extended the Notice of Inquiry (NOI) published on July 12, 2014, which sought feedback on the proposed composition of the usTLD Stakeholder Council, as well as on the Council’s guiding principles, policies, and operating procedures. Concurrently, Neustar and the Department of Commerce agreed to extend the response period for Expressions of Interest (EOI) to identify stakeholders interested in participating on the usTLD Stakeholder Council.

Neustar undertook a number of steps to publicize both the EOI and NOI including publication on industry blogs and groups; distribution on social media including twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn; and direct outreach.

During the combined NOI and FNOI period, Neustar did not receive any responses to the questions posed to the community within the NOI, nor general feedback regarding the usTLD Stakeholder Council’s draft charter.

Neustar received fifteen (15) EOIs from members of the usTLD Stakeholder Community interested in serving on the council and several other questions regarding participation. The responses reflect a diverse array of usTLD Stakeholders including registrars, intellectual property, small business, civil society, delegated managers, and law enforcement. We are in the process of reviewing the EOI responses and will publish an announcement of initial Stakeholder Council members no later than September 6, 2014.