The Stakeholder Council is designed to support vibrant, inclusive, and participatory policy development for the usTLD by its stakeholders and to give usTLD stakeholders a meaningful voice in management of specified aspects of the usTLD’s operations subject to the rule of law, established policy, contract obligations and our shared obligation to preserve the stability and security of the usTLD and the domain name and addressing system.

usTLD Stakeholders

The Council will be comprised of individuals representing a wide variety of usTLD stakeholders including, without limitation, the following:

  • usTLD Registrars and Delegated Managers
  • City and state CIOs
  • Commercial and nonprofit usTLD registrants
  • usTLD registrants at large
  • Intellectual property rights holders
  • Educators and organizations involved in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) education
  • Law enforcement and cybersecurity experts
  • Child development/safety experts
  • Consumer advocacy organizations and other representatives of civil society
  • Small businesses

The Council is intended to represent the variety of usTLD stakeholders, each of whose voice should be heard and respected. Neustar may add other stakeholder groups to the Council based on community input in response to the NOI. Neustar may also modify the size and composition of the Council from time to time to reflect its changing needs or changing needs identified by the Council.

A senior Neustar representative will serve as the Interim Chair of the Council until October 1, 2014.

To ensure that it can fully execute its obligations as Registry Operator for the usTLD, a technical representative of Neustar also will participate on the Council as a non-voting member.