Neustar, Inc. (“Neustar”) serves as the registry operator for the country-code top-level domain for the United States (the “usTLD”) under a contract with the United States Department of Commerce (“DOC”). To ensure that the usTLD remains a trusted domain space for all Americans and to facilitate stakeholder input into usTLD policies, under the new usTLD contract, Neustar committed to establish a stakeholder council (the usTLD “Stakeholder Council”) for the usTLD. This Call for Expressions of Interest (“EoI”) is intended to identify usTLD stakeholders interested in serving on the usTLD Stakeholder Council. We have simultaneously issued a Notice of Inquiry (“NOI”) to solicit input from all usTLD stakeholders on the proposed composition of the Stakeholder Council, the principles and policies that will guide the Stakeholder Council and the operating procedures for the Council.

Questions regarding this EoI should be directed to: Stephanie Duchesneau at or (202) 533-2623.

If you are interested in serving as a member of the usTLD Stakeholder Council, please send your contact information, C.V. and other material explaining your qualifications and the contribution you would hope to make as a member of the usTLD Stakeholder Council by Saturday, August 16, 2014 to


The .us Top Level Domain (the “usTLD”) must remain a trusted domain space for all Americans (including state and local governments, schools, libraries, businesses, and consumers) and a stable, secure, and safe environment that fosters economic growth, promotes innovation and prepares young Americans for leadership roles in the global digital economy. To do so, the usTLD requires responsible management, careful oversight, and clear and reliably enforced policies. The usTLD policies must also evolve and develop over time to respond to changing needs of the usTLD community, emerging technology, new ideas, and cyber security challenges.

The goals of the Council are (1) to recommend to Neustar policies and other improvements to the management of the usTLD through a constructive relationship with the usTLD stakeholder community, including but not limited to usTLD Registrars, Delegated Managers, Registrants, intellectual property rights holders, business users of the usTLD, governments at all levels, law enforcement, consumers and representatives of civil society; (2) to ensure that the needs of current usTLD domain name holders are considered in the management of the usTLD; (3) to enhance and improve the user experience and utility of the usTLD space; and (4) to provide a platform for ongoing discussion of evolving and emerging DNS issues as they affect the usTLD.

To achieve these goals, Neustar is creating the usTLD Stakeholder Council. The Council will represent the many interested stakeholders within the usTLD community. It will provide regular feedback to improve the management of the usTLD. It may also propose policies for the usTLD that will enhance the space for the usTLD user community. The Council will provide a vibrant, diverse, and independent forum for future development of and improvement to the usTLD, by representing the interests of the various usTLD stakeholders, including Federal, State, and local government. It will help Neustar to identify usTLD stakeholder needs and recommend policies, programs, and partnerships to address those needs.

The Stakeholder Council Charter will set forth the principles that will guide the Council’s work and the procedures that will govern the operation of the Council and Neustar’s interactions with it. It will also describe the Council’s scope of work. The Charter will be available on Neustar’s website at:

The Stakeholder Council is designed to support vibrant, inclusive, and participatory policy development for the usTLD by its stakeholders and to give usTLD stakeholders a meaningful voice in management of specified aspects of the usTLD’s operations subject to the rule of law, established policy, contract obligations and our shared obligation to preserve the stability and security of the usTLD and the domain name and addressing system.

usTLD Stakeholders

The Council will be comprised of individuals representing a wide variety of stakeholders including, without limitation, the following:

  • usTLD Registrars and Delegated Managers
  • City and state CIOs
  • Commercial and nonprofit usTLD Registrants
  • usTLD Registrants at large
  • Intellectual property rights holders
  • Educators and organizations involved in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) education
  • Law enforcement and cybersecurity experts
  • Child development/safety experts
  • Consumer advocacy organizations and other representatives of civil society
  • Small businesses

The Council is intended to represent the variety of usTLD stakeholders, each of whose voice should be heard and respected. Neustar may add other stakeholder groups to the Council based on community input in response to the NOI. Neustar may also modify the size and composition of the Council from time to time to reflect its changing needs or changing needs identified by the Council.

Initial member terms of service will be staggered being appointed for two or three years. Thereafter members will be appointed to two-year terms. Members may also be reappointed to additional terms. Neustar may not appoint members to terms that exceed the length of the usTLD contract with DOC.

A senior Neustar representative will serve as the Interim Chair of the Council until October 1, 2014. The Council will then elect its own officers. Officers will serve for a term of two years.

To ensure that it can fully execute its obligations as Registry Operator for the usTLD, a technical representative of Neustar also will participate on the Council as a non-voting member.

Please review the Notice of Inquiry for additional information on the role of the usTLD Stakeholder Council.