usTLD Administrator reserves the right to deny, cancel or transfer any registration that it deems necessary, in its discretion; (1) to protect the integrity and stability of the registry; (2) to comply with any applicable laws, government rules or requirements, requests of law enforcement, in compliance with any dispute resolution process; (3) to avoid any liability, civil or criminal, on the part of usTLD Administrator, as well as its affiliates, subsidiaries, officers, directors, representatives, employees, and stockholders; (4) for violations of this Agreement (including its Exhibits); (5) to correct mistakes made by usTLD Administrator or any registrar in connection with a domain name registration or (6) to prevent the use of of a domain name used for the submission of unsolicited bulk e-mail, phishing, pharming, malware, bot-nets or other abuse or fraudulent purposes. usTLD Administrator also reserves the right to freeze a domain name during resolution of a dispute either by: (i) rendering the domain name unresolvable; (ii) preventing the transfer of the domain name to another person, entity or registrar; or (iii) preventing any changes to the contact information associated with the domain name.