Individually and as a group, Delegated Managers play a valuable role in the management of the .us locality space. In order to insure common and widespread best practices among .us Delegated Managers for the benefit of the locality space users, the Delegated Manager Agreement sets forth the relative rights and responsibilities of Neustar, as the usTLD Administrator and each of the .us Delegated Managers.

Maintenance of Existing Delegations

Existing managers of .US name spaces (“delegated managers”) work directly with Neustar to maintain their .US domain names.

Note to Delegated Managers

The Department Of Commerce (DOC) requires any domain names in the .US space to have two (2) authoritative domain name servers. If you make a request to have your name servers changed, be sure to have your hosting company create “A” records for the name servers and update this information in their zone.

Registrant Agreement

.US Locality Domain Name Registration Agreement sets forth the terms and conditions governing the Registrant’s use of registered .us locality domain name(s) for which Neustar is the Delegated Manager. Neustar is currently unable to process new third-level domain name requests.

Moratorium on New Delegations

Neustar has successfully transitioned .US and continues to operate the domain under RFC 1480 guidelines. Neustar has posted its final compliance report (described below). According to the report, new processes and procedures will be put into place with respect to issuing new delegations pursuant to the completion of the dissemination of the Delegated Manager and US Locality Domain Registration Agreements, and implementation of the DoC approved new delegations process.

Interim Process

Working with the Department of Commerce, Neustar has set an Interim process for the registration of certain locality-based names. Please see the Interim Undelegated Name Policy for details on registration of these names. To register a name under the interim policy, follow the instructions for updating a locality domain name at .US FAQs. All new domain requests must be submitted using the three required documents. Questions should be directed to

.US Locality Compliance Report

Articles B.4 and C.1 of Purchase Order No. SB1335-02-W-0175 (pdf), required that Neustar, as the exclusive Registry Operator for the usTLD “conduct an investigation (or commission such an investigation) and submit a report . . . evaluating the compliance of existing sub-domain managers with the requirements of RFC 1480 and other documented usTLD policies.” See Page 7. In addition, Neustar must “recommend structural, procedural, or policy changes designed to enhance such compliance and increase the value of the locality-based structure to local communities.” See Page 10. View the report.

Please direct all questions or discussion about Delegated Manager or Locality registrant administrative, technical, policy or customer service issues related to the operation and management of .US to