Improve Your Google Ads Quality Score with these 7 Steps

April 05 2021

Authored by: Kristin Johnson 4 Minute Read article

When people are searching for businesses like yours on Google or Google Maps, Google Ads (formerly Google AdWords) can help you reach the right customers. Google will display your ad when someone searches for whatever product or service you offer. 

These ads are placed either on the top or bottom of a search result page or will be labeled as “Ads” on websites, banners and other search sites. Google Ads help potential customers find your business because they are the first or among the first results shown after a web user types in a search query.

You want to make sure you create an ad that appears in the best possible position, or high in the search ranking results. Writing a compelling Google ad and choosing the right keywords plays a huge role in whether the ad can lead to more visibility for your business, and ultimately, clicks to your website.

Improving your Google Ads Quality Score can help you address all the above and make sure you’re getting the best ROI for taking out these ads. Google assigns a quality score to each keyword in your ad based on how relevant it is and how closely it matches a user’s search query. Think of your Quality Score as a general guide for whether your ads and landing pages are useful to potential customers scouring the Internet for businesses like yours. 

There is no easy or instant answer for improving Quality Score, but paying close attention to the theme of relevance will help improve your score in the long run.

You’re graded on a scale of 1-10 (1 being a poor match, 10 being a winner). A low Quality Score is mostly due to a disconnection between your Keywords, Ad Groups, Ad Text and Landing Page content. High Quality Scores come when Ads contain organized Keywords in appropriate Keyword Groups, as well as Ad Text that corresponds with certain Ad Groups and Landing Pages that connect with the Ad Text’s offer. (This will all make sense shortly!)


These 3 main factors affect your Quality Score:

  1. Expected Click-Through Rate (CTR): The likeliness someone will click your ad when Google displays it.

  2. Ad Relevance: Whether the ad is clear and makes sense for the online user, and matches the searcher’s intent.

  3. Landing Page User Experience: Whether the information on the landing page (the page your ad leads to, such as your homepage or a product page on your website) aligns with what the Google ad is offering.

The Quality Score affects your click-per-cost and can lead to more placements and higher ad rankings. By optimizing your Quality Scores, you will set yourself up for a better return on investment.

There are several easy ways to check your keywords’ Quality Score. If you find that it needs improvement, review the three factors above and consider whether you need to adjust your keywords, ad campaigns, your ad landing page as well as your business website. You want to make sure all of these factors are relevant to your target customer so that they are enticed to click your ad. 


Here are action steps to improving your ad quality:

  1. Get into the specifics of your brand. To boost relevancy, make sure the ad groups within your campaign focus on a single product or service.

    For example, if your customer is craving pizza, he or she is searching for “pizza” rather than “food.” If your bakery specializes in cupcakes, make sure your ad content includes the keyword “cupcake,” rather than just “dessert.” 

  2. Choose the right keywords. Add specific keywords that reveal what your ad group and landing page is all about. Instead of banking on one keyword, focus on using effective keywords that are two to three words long. This is when you want to hone in on what your product or service specializes in.

    If you sell face masks, for example, consider “homemade face masks” or “cotton face masks” or “fashionable face masks” to make sure your ads show on these highly relevant search queries.  

  3. Make sure your keywords are prominent in your ad. Make sure you add the most relevant keywords early in your ad text, especially in your ad’s headline. Now is not the time to bury what your business is all about. Instead, be early and up front about it. 

  4. Create engaging and compelling ads. Why is your product or service better than the competition? Include these value-add traits in your ad. Do you offer free delivery? Is your product locally made or organic? Are you currently having a huge sale? These are features to include in your promotions. 

  5. Use a strong call-to-action: These are action words to entice your customer to click on the ad and encourage them to visit your landing page. Here are just a few: Buy, Shop now, Order, Browse, Find, Sign Up, Get a Free Quote. 

  6. Experiment with your ads. Test different keywords, headlines and calls-to-action and see which formats are delivering results. Google deploys different ads within an ad group and displays the best-performing one more, but it’s up to you as the business owner to proactively identify the strongest ads.

  7. Track your overall ad performance. Monitor your ads over a given period of time and note the clickthrough rates for each one. If you notice one is not achieving your desired goals, remove it. Improving your Google Ads Quality score is, after all, an ongoing learning process.


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