IGF USA 2021 Registration is Open

July 09 2021

Authored by: Dustin Loup 3 Minute Read


The Internet Governance Forum USA (IGF-USA), found on IGFUSA.us, is a leading forum for multistakeholder dialogue on the biggest issues facing the Internet in the US. It brings together industry, government, civil society, academia, and technical experts to collectively discuss how the community can continue to support the evolution of the trusted, secure, globally interconnected Internet. 

The IGF-USA is the best opportunity in the US to participate in these discussions in an open, inclusive and transparent manner. From the development of the programming to the forum itself, the process is completely free and open to all interested participants. This provides an opportunity for businesses, organizations, and individuals with an online presence to learn more about the technical and policy environments that impact them. 

IGF-USA 2021

On July 14 and 15, the IGF-USA 2021 will host two days of in-depth discussions at a time in which the Internet plays a bigger role in our lives than ever before. 

The IGF-USA community has been convening diverse, multistakeholder dialogue since 2009. Attending this year’s event will provide a great opportunity to better understand the issues that have become increasingly prominent in the media, governmental processes, and public dialogue. 

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Below is a preview of the IGF-USA 2021 Agenda:

Building Better Online Markets and Communities

This session highlights innovations that make online markets and communities more efficient, inclusive, responsible and trusted, with lightning talks from innovators and an expert panel discussion. 

Why don’t we have better digital identity? What could we do if we did?

This session will discuss how the impacts of inadequate identity infrastructure have been exacerbated by the decrease of in-person transactions during the pandemic and the roles that both government and the private sector might play in identity solutions that can deliver a more secure, trusted, and inclusive Internet.

100% Online: How to close the Internet access gap once and for all

This session discusses how to close the internet connectivity gap once and for all and what lessons policymakers can learn from different countries’ approaches to bridging the digital divide. 

The Social Platform Dilemma: Governance Approaches to Moderate Legal But “Objectionable” Content

This session explores the role of government, private sector, and civil society in content moderation decisions and reviews how social media platforms are addressing societal and state pressure to moderate and remove content that offends, may be considered hateful or violent, and possibly misleading, but is not illegal in the United States. 

Facilitating Interoperability – Bridging the Gaps in Supply Chain Security

This session discussion will explore the gaps in interoperability between the principles of policy, technology, and intelligence and how to ensure more interoperability, collaboration, and cooperation in addressing security concerns and threats.

The Road to IoT Security: Industry and Government Working Together

This session will highlight how a coalition of industry groups is working with NIST and other government partners to improve results and raise expectations for security in Internet of Things (IOT) products and deployment, as well as promote policy harmonization internationally.

The Future of Data: Privacy Foundations and Legislative Approaches

This session will discuss how the U.S. can consider and incorporate the foundations of privacy into efforts to pass federal legislation that is suitable for today’s needs and flexible enough to be effective in the future. 

Reexamining Antitrust in a Digital Economy

This session will discuss the US approach to antitrust law and the impact that several reform proposals might have on the Internet and the digital economy.

Scenarios for 2026: Will everything work everywhere?

This session will examine the political forces and drivers that could cause fragmentation of the Web and the Cloud–both within the United States and worldwide. 

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