How to Rally Support for Your Cause

July 30 2019

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If you have a great idea for a non-profit, civic organization or grassroots cause, you may be wondering about the best ways to get your community involved. Movements usually start at a local level and expand nationally if there is enough interest and involvement. If you are a local organizer looking to build awareness around your mission, below are some ways to start connecting with supporters, grow visibility for your campaign and, of course, raise money.


Reach Out

If you recognize a need within your neighborhood, then be the one who leads the mission. Reach out to those in the community via social media by hosting an event like a town forum in a well-known locale in your community. This will help provide more information, garner ideas and gain knowledge about other community concerns. Fostering and building a sense of community is vital for a grassroots movement. Organizing for your cause is most easily started at the local level by involving people immediately affected by whatever it is you are rallying for.


Find the Right Partners

Team work makes the dream work. In your movement’s early stages, it’s important to ally yourself with the right local businesses (like ones affected by your cause), national organizations (a national version of your cause) or local government agencies.  Together, you can work together to help a grassroots cause gain momentum and expand both organizations’ community reach. Besides, things work better in numbers, right?


Find a Connection

If there is a lack of personal connection to your cause, you may be at risk of losing steam. Implementing a connection between the cause and your community will show your audience that you value your community and want to see it thrive. Your movement’s digital presence is crucial to creating a connection between itself and those in your community outside of the organization. Your digital presence does most of the heavy outreach of your movement for you. A website is a great way to tell your story, visually and verbally. Your website can display a short video explaining the origins of your movement, inform visitors about upcoming events, collect signatures and more. Your website should contain all of your movement’s narrative in one place so that is easy to search and peruse.


Make a Day of It

Talk with your company management or, if you’re a business owner, have your business sponsor a day that involves volunteers from the community. A neighborhood cleanup is a wonderful strategy, even if it’s not your original cause. This allows everyone to work together to better the community, while also providing a great branding opportunity. Make your business the gathering spot for the event and provide all necessities such as water, supplies and lunch. This is also a great time to educate people about your grassroots cause. Most cities have a variety of agencies or nonprofits who work to accomplish similar goals within a community. By working with these local organizations you can expand the scope of your cause while positively impacting your neighborhood.


Social Media

Rally the troops behind your grassroots cause. By working for the community, collaborating and connecting with others, you, your movement and your organization will serve as an inspiration. Ignite a passion for community service and global betterment with your grassroots cause. One of the most successful mediums for this is through social media. The shareability of pages, groups and events is perfectly suited for grassroots causes. You will be able to place your message in the intersection of thousands of different social circles in your local and regional areas. Recruiting support is as easy as sending a direct message to an individual or organization. Social media is where a grassroots movement can interact with its community easily and efficiently. Most social platforms also offer a variety of analytic tools to gauge interest, support and the overall reach of your movement’s message. The digital world is where you bring your cause when you want to give it some legs and really get it up and moving on to bigger, better things.

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